A “Sweet” Christmas Poem

Dear Readers:

Last week I gave you some Christmas Reminders as we look at Christmas decorations to remind us of the Reason for the season.  This week I will focus on candy, I LOVE candy, especially at Christmas!

In England, we call candy “sweets”, and I wrote this poem based on a devotional that my friend read at our Christmas ladies’ meeting at Church (Click here for original devotional). I printed this out to give to my grandchildren, my grandson is allergic to nuts so I picked candy that is nut-free. Feel free to copy and share.

A “Sweet” Christmas Poem

The bright Starburst® with a Holy light         starburst

On sweet Baby Jesus that special night.

The shepherds left their Canes and flocks to see

The Baby the angels spoke of with such glee.candy-cane

Turn the cane upside down, it makes a “J”

That stands for Jesus, Who was born for us that day.

The white reminds us He was pure outside and in

And the red stripes for the blood that He shed for our sin.

Those wise men were Smarties®, they traveled to smartiesbring

Gold, frankincense, and Myrrh to the newborn King.

The Father was pleased, the Spirit came like a Dove®,

And the Son is Heaven’s gift send down from above.


So eat this candy at Christmas and pause to remember

Jesus our Savior was born in December.

Happy Christmas!!

~Graced and Grateful Grammy

May your Christmas be sweet!!


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