I’d like to think I saw a moose

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

We have taken our children to Canada for family vacations several times, and each time we go we all peer expectantly out the car windows hoping to catch sight of a moose, but to no avail. Every one wants to be the one who sees the first moose! The last time we were in Canada, we went to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, we had a great trip and continued our sport of “moose-spotting”. Well, we were driving along a road and I looked over to the hedgerow to my right and spied a big brown blob (it was probably a bush of some sort) and proclaimed, “I saw one! I just saw a moose! I know I did – there, behind the lupines!”  Of course, my trusting family shouted out, “No, you didn’t! Where? It’s probably just a bush! Mom, you’re seeing things!” They didn’t believe me at all, and after being teased and ridiculed (as families crammed together in a minivan tend to do) for a while, I finally mumbled, “well, I’d like to think I saw a moose!” You know, they still tease me about what “I’d like to think.”Lupines

But aren’t we like that in so many areas? We want something to be true so badly, even though we know it’s not true, but we cling to our belief in order to rationalize and justify ourselves. We say (to ourselves): “Well, I’d like to think that I wasn’t the one at fault,” or “I’d like to think that I was the one acting maturely,” or “I’d like to think that I wasn’t gossiping,” etc., etc.. Our heart deceives us into micro-analyzing the splinter in another’s eye ignoring the beam sticking out of our own eye (Matthew 7:3-5). We would like to think that, even though we may commit the exact same sin that another person committed, somehow theirs is so much worse! (See Romans 2:1)

I know that I need to look at myself through the mirror of God’s Word (James 1:23-25), no excuses, and fix what He shows me needs fixing. Not just go along on my merry way, saying to myself, “I’d like to think that I didn’t just read that, it must not mean what it says. I don’t need to fix anything, I am fine just the way I am!” It is humbling and painful, but God’s way is to use His Word to cleanse us and make us more like His Son, IF we are willing to yield ourselves to what He is trying to teach us.
How about you? What do you “like to think”? Check it against God’s Word and see if your thinking is God’s thinking.
~Graced and Grateful Grammy

Are you thinking what God is thinking?


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